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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a very important aspect of digital marketing. When we start something online then first thing we need to do is SEO. Every minute 400 websites register with google and where they stand on google is completely depends on the SEO.

So let’s start with the start,

Google gives the best results when you search for something. You know why? Because google focus on quality. Compare to other search engines Google only shows a search bar on home page, so we can get the best results.

When we search for something on google we get the best results always.

On Page SEO: When we search for something on google and all results come on the page. The first thing we have in our mind is "what is this website exactly has? what will i get? is it worth looking on this?" and when we click on the website we read first paragraph and judge the website that are we staying on the website or not. right?

Do you ever wonder how all the website set on google like on 1st, 2nd page and all. Basically google has its crawlers. (Crawler is a search program that automatically searches documents on the web.), basically crawler is a bot which works on the basis of algorithm.

For example: I have my business of digital marketing, when i register with google crawler searched and authenticate that Prerna mentioned digital marketing everywhere that means she is doing digital marketing.

The main and important thing is keyword research.

But how? if i search for digital marketing, then lots of results are there but is i mention digital marketing courses that means i defined what i need in digital marketing but if i write digital marketing courses in jaipur, wow it is completely accurate and i will get perfect results.

And these keywords (ex. digital marketing courses in jaipur) are long tail keywords.

Off Page SEO: In off page SEO nothing will be on your website directly, everything through backlinks, social media links, directories and so on.

In next blogs we will learn about ON PAGE SEO and OFF PAGE SEO in detail.

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